What is mono-phase; an electrical feeding method composed of one phase and one neutral line together with am AC current. Mono means one in latin. In Turkey, mono-phase feeding voltage type is 220 Volt AC (Alternating Current) and frequency is 50Hz.

Mono-phase Regulator; a voltage regulating system, supported with digital control units, developed for the electrical devices fot the situations where regulation rate of Servo Motorized analogue regulator systems is insufficient.

Our mono-phase micro-processor controlled voltage regulators voltage regulators generate power in the range of 3,5 kVA to 25 kVA. Available in two different versions as standard type and full-protected type, our regulators power up almost virtually any power system and machinery. Our voltage regulators are produced according to TS EN 60076 – TS 1055 Standards. Our mono-phase regulators are exported to many countries including Egypt, Libya, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, Algeria and Nigeria.

Electronic circuits of our regulators have ‘voltage output sensitivity adjustment’ and ‘VARIAC head movement prevention adjustment’. Voltage output sensitivity adjustment is used to increase the regulation rate of regulators so that their reaction time against voltage fluctuations are minimized. As a result, our regulators respond in a short time against even very small voltage fluctuations in the system ensuring a very fast regulation. VARIAC head movement prevention adjustment prevents irregular and unnecessary movement of VARIACs so that it prolongs the mechanical lifetime of regulators.(caution : please blah blah)

We recommend you to use our microprocessor-controlled protected regulators for your computers, medical devices, CNC-PLC controlled precision digital and expensive devices.


Standard Input Voltage Range:

Input: 160-250      Output: 220 VAC

Standard Input Voltage Range (Adjustment Field):

Input: 120-230      Output: 220 VAC