Monophase transformers;

A-Security Isolation type

Dry-type three-phase transformers that we produce in security-isolation type and auto-type are used in any kind of three-phase systems where galvanic isolation or voltage transformation is needed.

  • Nominal power
  • Isolatıon type – auto type
  • Input – output voltage and current values
  • Input – output voltage steps
  • Input outout coil connection patterns (triangle-star-zigzag)
  • Galvic isolation
  • Input – output coil end connecters
  • Isolation class
  • Metal enclosure and ventilation type
  • Installation type (horizontal – vertical)

In order to avoid any product failures, technical specifications of three-phase transformers provided above are determined after discussion with client. After all details are clarified, one sample transformer is produced and delivered to client, together with the reports of test we have done. After all controls completed and final apptoval is received, production starts and once completed final product is delivered to client.

OMSAN is capable of producing dry-type AG three-phase transformers up to a power value of 1250 kVA. Transformers can also be produced with a housing, upon request, input and output connections can be made with rail terminal, device terminal standard crimped cable lugs, cable or cobber-busbar.

In the system where risks of fatal shocks are at highest levels and plants where mains voltage is deteriorated, isolation type three-phase transformers must be used. However, if mains valtage of your plant is regular and risk of shock is at very low levels, then you can use auto-type three-phase transformers in order to reduce your costs.

B- Control Board Type

Control transformer are mainly used in distribution boards, machinery control boards, automation boards and similar industrtial fields. We also produce products with DC voltage output for Power Led lighting fixtures, as well as resin boxed – resin filled for pool lighting fixtures.

The range of control board transformers that you see in the product leaflet is continuously available in our stocks. For further information about transformers which values are not provided in the leaflet, please contact with us.

C- PCB Card Installation Type

PCB-type transformers are commonly used in the electronics industry for applications such as adapters, charges and electronic print circuits. They are available in three different types depending on the needs in accordance with EN 61558 2-6 Standard under the EN61558-1 Standard;

  • Boxed -resin filled,
  • Standard exposed type
  • Metal enclosure type

D- High Frequency

High frequency transformers are generally produced in the frequency range of 10 kHz to 240 kHz. Ferrite-core transformers and choke coils are used particularly in the power electronics field. Their ferrite has vey high magnetic flux values so that their dimensions are quite small compared to silicon based sheet-core transformers.


  • SMPS transformer
  • Driver transformer
  • Impact transformer
  • Current transformer


  • Line filter
  • SMPS Shocks
  • Oscillator Shocks
  • EMI/RMI Shocks


  • Line transformer
  • Line Choke