Three-Phase Regulators;

Our three-phase microprocessor controlled voltage regulators are available as standard or protected versions in the power any kind range of 10.5 kVA to 2000 kVA. Our regulators can be used to power any kind of system and machinery which requires a balanced three-phase electricity. Our voltage are produced under the Standards TS EN 60076 – TS 1055 and exported to many countries including Egypt, Libya, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, Algeria and Nigeria.

Electronic circuits of our regulators have ‘voltage output sensitivity adjustment’ and ‘VARIAC head movement prevention’. Voltage output sensitivity adjustments used to increase the regulation rate of regulators so that their reaction time against voltage fluctuations are minimized. As a result, our regulators respond in a short time against even very small voltage fluctuations in the system ensuring a very fast regulation. VARIAC head movement prevention adjustment prevents irregular and unnecessary movement of VARIACs so that it prolongs the mechanical lifetime of regulators.

Our micro-processor controlled protected voltage regulatırs come as a standard with low and high voltage protection, phase protection, overcurrent and short protection. Each phase can individually be regulated  so that the loads dependent on the output of regulator works smooth even in the case of unbalanced load distribution or dşfferent voltage values across phases. If one of the phases has problems, phase protection system cuts off the output voltage to protect the load.

The highest current occurs when input voltage has the lowest value. Regulator does not get affected from power factor in the load, does not distort the sinusoidal waveform of electricity and does not cause ant phase change or harmonic distortion. It prevents instant voltage to the output.

We recommend you to use our microprocessor-controlled protected regulators for your computers, medical devices, CNC-PLC controlled precision digital and expensive devices.

Please contact us to have further information about our three-phase regulators, which general specifications are provided below. Please review the following sample illustration in order to familiarize yourself about general interior components of regulators. You can see details by downloading installation and user’s manual.

What is a three-phase regulator and what are the application areas

Three-phase regulators increases the 275 Volt AC Voltage, which is the minimum input valtage up to 380 Volt and decreases the 430 Volt down to 380 Volt.

Application areas

  • Facilities
  • Shops
  • Companies

And anywhere where power consumption is high.