Three-phase transformers;

Dry-type three-phase transformers that we produce in security-isolation type and auto-type are used in any kind of three-phase systems where galvanic isolation or voltage transformation is needed.

  • Nominal power
  • Isolatıon type – auto type
  • Input – output voltage and current values
  • Input – output voltage steps
  • Input outout coil connection patterns (triangle-star-zigzag)
  • Galvic isolation
  • Input – output coil end connecters
  • Isolation class
  • Metal enclosure and ventilation type
  • Installation type (horizontal – vertical)

In order to avoid any product failures, technical specification of three-phase transformers provided above are determined after discussions with client. After all details are clarified, one sample transformer is produced and delivered to client, together with the reports of tests we have done. After all controls completed and final approval is received, production starts and once completed, final product is delivered to client.

OMSAN is capable of producing dry-type AG three-phase transformers up to a power value of 1250 kVA. Transformers can also be produced with a housing, upon request, and input and output connections can be made with rail terminal, device terminal, Standard Crimpled Cable Lugs, Cable and Cobber-busbar

In the system where risks of fatal shocks are at the highest levels and plants where mains voltage is deteriorated, isolation type three-phase transformers must be used. However, if mains voltage of your plants is regular and the risk of shock is at very low levels, then you can use auto-type three-phase transformers in order to reduce your costs.